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HAPPY NEW YEAR! {Lets hope} Couldn't POSSIBLY be worse than the last 2, so fingers crossed.


I want to thank EVERYONE for making a great year out of the most dismal of circumstances. Some of us are brave and cut through the bullshit and live the lives that we've been blessed with without fear. I salute you all! I generally keep my politics and career separate, but the 500 pound gorilla in the room MUST be addressed. Due to the Covid hysteria, record inflation, and supply chain interruptions, MANY venues across the country have gone out of business, or have cut back considerably on expenses {entertainment} the likes I have never seen in my 33 years of playing music for a living. As a result, I'm playing the most sparse schedule of my entire career this month. Don't worry, I'm a fighter, I WILL overcome! In the meantime,  LGB, FJB, F--Fauci, continue to support live music and venues, play my stuff on ANY digital jukebox in the world as well as ALL streaming "services".  

As always, you can find my music on ANY digital Jukebox in the world by typing my name into "search".  I'm also on Pandora, SpotifyI-Heart RadioGoogle Play, Amazon PrimeYouTube MusiciTunes, Alexa, Google Assistant, SoundCloudReverb NationJangoLastFM, Bluetooth Music, etc. You can buy my CDs and downloads  at and iTunes. Look me up!

You can buy my CDs at my gigs. Please check out my new "Best of" compilation "Debauchery Was Had, The Best of Bob Cushing!"

Until Next Time! -Bob

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